• Silvr

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    Silvr kit consists of:


    electronic cigarette
    backup battery
    external charger
    USB cable
    3 katomizerów


    At the beginning of the


    Electronic cigarette is a nonflammable electronic device that looks, tastes, and provides the same pleasure as a traditional cigarette, but without the harmful effects.


    Cartomizers contain nicotine, water, propylene glycol (component commonly used as a food dye).


    Electronic cigarette is not intended to stop smoking, but by the use of katomizerów with different content of nicotine a smoker can gradually restrict smoking. loading


    Silvr Pack serves as the charger by plugging into a standard power supply (outlet).


    Charging via power outlet: plug the charger into the socket and the other end to the bottom of the pack. Orange light at the end Kabelka is correct charging. Replacement cartridge


    On average, each cartomizer flavor delivers nicotine for about 100 puffs. When the machine stops steaming, the cartridge must be replaced.


    Hold the battery in one hand and remove the waste katomizer.
    Peel off the protective sticker from the new cartomizer.
    Apply the new cartomizer on the battery, making sure that it is firmly seated.


    Replacing the battery


    Each battery can withstand wear two full cartomizers. During this time, you can enjoy the full flavor Silvr.


    Hold the cartomizer in one hand and remove the battery.
    Carefully remove the second battery from the package Silvr and screw it into the new cartomizer.
    Recharge battery with screwing it back into the slot pack and connecting it to the mains.
    During charging the LED will blink for 2 - 3 seconds.
    When the LED turns off, the battery will be charged.