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    Metadrol is a nutrient for mass supplement that is designed to increase muscle strength and relieve soreness and to provide faster and more efficient fat burning.


    It is designed for sportometadrol opiniewców professionals and amateurs with a passion for sports force.


    The manufacturer advises to take one capsule twice a day after meals, each sipping zażyty product so large amounts of water. For days off from training, a second dose should be ingested daily in the afternoon. Gradually, the daily dose can be increased up to the point where it reaches the amount of six capsules a day. In case the person who use the product states that the current dose affect them too much, do not increase.


    In one bottle Metadrolu is 60 capsules of Spec. Clinical trials that were conducted in the United States have shown that people who have chosen to use of the product gained about 19.7 pounds of body weight within the first 60 days. In combination with increased muscle mass was also observed depletion of body fat by about 3.4%.


    No component of this product has not been banned by any sports organization counting up, but before deciding to purchase it is recommended to mobilize the opinion of their home organization on this issue.


    On the contrary (especially for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people under 18 years of age) to get some more information on the manufacturer's website.


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