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    Female dilator set




    This product is a discreet set of female dilators / trainers that have been clinically developed for women who have undergone treatments known to cause vaginal adhesions (soft tissue fusion), women undergoing the menopause and to assist in psychosexual therapy.


    Product Features


    The unique design makes these vaginal dilators easy to use and convenient to store and carry. The dilators are inserted into the vagina to help to keep it healthy and supple and to reduce the risk of scarring following radiotherapy or surgery. This may help to reduce discomfort during follow up examinations, further treatments and sexual intercourse.


    The dilator set consist of 4 dilators, which are graduated in size and length to allow a natural progression during treatment. Supplied in a discreet and easily manageable case, which includes space for a lubricant bottle / sachets.


    The Femmax dilator set is available in 2 colours: Purple or Brown. Please specify in the 'comments' section which colour is preferred.


    Additional Notes


    VAT: This product is taxable.


    This product has been validated/certified. - CE marked and ISO13485


    This product is available world wide. Excluding Finland, Sweden, Norway, Australia & New Zealand.